Top 20 highest grossing movie stars of all time

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Creating a billion-dollar movie or franchise has no magic formula, but the cast is a big factor. When the cast is known to bring home billions to the box office, it goes an extra mile to rally a big audience to watch the movie. Some movie stars are known for their appearances in big budget, high-grossing films that dominate the box office for months and gross hundreds of millions of dollars all over the globe.

Here are the top 20 highest grossing movie stars of all time.

RankNameWorldwide gross
1.Samuel L. Jackson$23.88 billion
2.Robert Downey Jr.$15.08 billion
3.Scarlett Johansson$14.29 billion
4.Paul Bettany$13.40 billion
5.Andy Serkis$13.18 billion
6.Benedict Cumberbatch$12.05 billion
7.Zoe Saldana$12.03 billion
8.Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson$11.94 billion
9.Jeremy Renner$11.93 billion
10.Don Cheadle$11.77 billion
11.Chris Hemsworth$11.69 billion
12.Chris Evans$11.68 billion
13.Cate Blanchett$11.66 billion
14.Gwyneth Paltrow$11.57 billion
15.Chris Pratt$11.52 billion
16.Idris Elba$11.51 billion
17.Bradley Cooper$11.35 billion
18.Vin Diesel$10.75 billion
19.Mark Ruffalo$10.73 billion
20.Johnny Depp$10.71 billion
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