Benefits of poetry

Eleonora Lazaroska
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It may come as a surprise, but poetry has often had a significant impact on daily life as it can provide a real benefit in regard to mental health and even just how people conduct themselves regularly. It is unsurprising that poetry has such a strong impact as it appears in so many different parts of everyday life. Whether it is the music on the radio, statues on the street, or even random bits of advertising that you see on television. Poetry is everywhere, and in many ways, it is completely unavoidable.

Here are some benefits of poetry.

1. It provides an opportunity to connect

For starters, poetry can help provide a major talking point for people as it is possible to interpret multiple different meanings from one piece of poetry. This can open the doors to a healthy debate with multiple people as a result. This then helps to break down the invisible barriers that people seem to put up to avoid connecting with each other. The arts open the door for a free exchange of ideas and allow people to put their point of view across in a more relaxed way. Through this, it is then possible to share opinions and debate as one person’s interpretation might differ greatly from yours.

2. Express yourself

It can also provide the perfect platform for people to express themselves in a way that they may well have not felt comfortable with beforehand. Being able to put how you really think and feel in difficult times can make a world of difference as it provides a vital outlet for anyone who feels that they are unable to express themselves in any other way and can often a bit of comfort in what is often a very challenging world.

Having this platform to express yourself can work wonders at it allows somebody who is very shy to say things they otherwise might not if put on the spot. As a result, it helps people understand themselves on a much deeper level and make you look at yourself in ways you never thought possible. 

3. Be who you want to be

It might not seem like it, but poetry can allow you to be whoever you want to be. It provides the opportunity for people to understand the world around them, and as a result, it can help people to be more open-minded. People can use pseudonyms when it comes to poetry and art, meaning that they aren’t always putting themselves on the spot and can express themselves without fear of judgement. Having that freedom is something that doesn’t necessarily come with other art forms, and as such, it is almost unique.

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