Faiba Home packages and prices 2023

Victor Mochere
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Faiba Home was introduced by Jamii Telecommunications in a bid to meet the ever-evolving consumer internet needs. The consumption of the internet has been increasing over the past decades and this trend is likely to continue into the future. Faiba Home allows you to enjoy high speed internet conveniently from the comfort of your home. If you are one of the people working from home or are among those that browse heavily for recreational purposes, then choosing Faiba Home is the right move. Faiba brings to you an easy option for anyone seeking to find affordable and reliable internet connectivity.

Faiba Home packages

Faiba Home has four packages with different bandwidths.

  1. 30Mbps
  2. 50Mbps
  3. 75Mbps
  4. 125Mbps

Package subscription fees

No.BandwidthMonthly fee
1.30MbpsKsh 5,000
2.50MbpsKsh 10,000
3.75MbpsKsh 15,000
4.125MbpsKsh 20,000
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