Airtel Smart Home packages and prices 2023

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Airtel Smart Home is a pre-paid service that allows you to have fast and reliable internet at the comfort of your home. Once registered, you will be given a router that will enable you to have wireless and LAN access. Airtel Smart Home is perfect if you’re looking for a fast and easy to setup home broadband connection. Smart Home offers customers a faster and better experience in data connectivity with its mobility feature that can allow them to travel with their router and use it away from home.

Airtel Smart Home packages

Airtel Smart Home has three types of packages.

  1. Home 2000
  2. Home 3000
  3. Home 4000

Package subscription fees

Here are the monthly subscription fees for each package.

1.Home 200040GBKsh 2,00030 days
2.Home 300070GBKsh 3,00030 days
3.Home 4000100GBKsh 4,00030 days

How to get connected to Airtel Smart Home

To get connected to Airtel Smart Home, follow these steps.

  1. You must be living within Smart Home zones.
  2. Fill and return the Airtel Smart Home application forms provided by the Airtel representative on the ground or visit any of our Airtel outlets for more information.
  3. Once you complete the Airtel application form, make the payment and the representative will hand you a 4G router together with an Airtel SIM.
  4. Your username and password will be indicated on the device upon opening the box.

How to connect the Airtel Wi-Fi router

You can connect your Airtel Wi-Fi router by following this procedure.

  1. Insert your SIM card into the Airtel Router and Power it ON.
  2. Search for the Wi-Fi device name (SSID) as displayed on the back of the device.
  3. When asked for the password enter the password as displayed on the device.
  4. Open your favourite Internet web browser and type Note: make sure you have disabled your proxy.

How to subscribe to Airtel Smart Home bundles

There two ways you can use to subscribe to Airtel Smart Home bundles.


  1. Dial *400#
  2. Select Airtel “HomeNet Bundles”.
  3. Enter the Mobile Number of your router.
  4. Select your preferred package and subscribe.

b. GUI

  1. Open your favorite internet web browser and type
    • Note: make sure you have disabled your proxy.
  2. Click on Balance checker and input USSD code *544# or *400#
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