Top 10 richest media billionaires in the world 2023

Victor Mochere
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Billionaires, it would appear, have a thing for media ownership. The richest media owners are behind some of the major media conglomerates that deliver media and entertainment services to billions of people worldwide. Deep-pocketed, high-profile investors have spent fortunes acquiring mass communication platforms. This isn’t an entirely new trend. For well over a century, the world’s wealthiest have dominated the media landscape.

Joining that list of legendary names is a new club of investors with cash to burn and a belief that there’s still money to be made – or something else to be gained – from owning a media business. The media and entertainment industry includes all types of broadcasting, including newspapers, magazines, television, radio, social networking services, and mainstream forms of entertainment like film, music, games, the internet, streaming services, and books.

Here are the top 10 richest media billionaires in the world.

RankNameNet Worth
1.Elon Musk$128 billion
2.Jeff Bezos$109 billion
3.Micheal Bloomberg$76.8 billion
4.Zhang Yiming$54.9 billion
5.Mark Zuckerberg$34.6 billion
6.Pavel Durov$15.1 billion
7.Laurene Powell Jobs$13.3 billion
8.Sherry Brydson$12.6 billion
9.Sunil Mittal$12.5 billion
10.Donald Newhouse$12.3 billion
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