How to grow sales with social media

Andre Oentoro
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The evolution of social media and technology has changed the system of marketing to be more practical and modern. In the past, it used to be possible for businesses to promote products and attract customers through advertisements on television. Compared to businesses these days, marketing their products through advertisements on social media are way more practical and effective. They are divided into several types, such as animated commercials, mobile commercials, display commercials, and so on.

Social media is one of the most effective ways for businesses to drive more sales, reach broader audiences, engage with customers, increase brand awareness, etc. Hence, many businesses are proven to be successful and drive extraordinary results through social media strategies. There are many methods that you can use for marketing on social media. Both for businesses on a large scale and small-scale businesses.

Here are the most effective ways to drive sales with social media.

1. Identify the right social media channel

The first thing is to identify which social media your target audience uses the most. It is because each social media has its characteristics and terms. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right social media platforms to keep your interactions well-received and reach more people in the right audience segments.

2. Make the most of video content

Nowadays, social media platforms with video-based content have become popular and have succeeded in attracting many users such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. It is because video content can convey messages in an attractive, practical, and easy-to-understand way, especially if your business product is difficult for most people to understand. For example, your blockchain industry launches a new product and wants to market it through social media. You can leverage blockchain videos to present and reach wider audiences.

3. Curate user-generated content

This type of content has proven its strength in increasing customer trust and driving the number of consumer purchases. The reason is that user-generated content has an authentic or original nature, so it makes potential customers more trusting of reviews from consumers or content creators.

4. Establish a consistent posting schedule

Paying attention to the frequency and hours of your social media posts is an important part. Therefore, make sure you post consistently and schedule it so that your audience is not confused and your content can be well received by your target audience.

5. Leverage social proof

There are many ways to drive more sales on social media. One of them is by posting social proof in the form of screenshots of positive reviews from consumers. This kind of content will help your audience or potential customers to assess the quality of your product or service. When you post more positive reviews, you will gain people’s trust easily.

6. Utilize platform-specific selling features

You can leverage the features provided by social media platforms specifically for selling. This feature is in the form of an online store that is only provided by several major social media such as Facebook Shop, Instagram Shoppable, Pinterest Buyable, and Rich Pins.

7. Take advantage of social media ads

You can use social media advertising features on social media platforms as your strategy to reach wider audiences, generate more leads, and increase brand awareness. It is a powerful way to make your brand stand out among competitors.

8. Create compelling hashtag

Hashtags can expand your reach on social media because anyone can find posts with the appropriate hashtag. So, when determining brand hashtags, you can use your brand name or tagline so that the audience is more familiar with it. In addition, you can also create hashtags or use text animation tools with short but unique words to help them memorize and invite people to use the hashtag through their content. It will allow you to get new content for free through these hashtags.

9. Generate leads through contests

This strategy is widely used by many brands in marketing their products. You can hold contests in the form of giveaways, quizzes, competitions, and challenges is the best way to reach wider audiences and drive more sales. For example, you can hold a challenge and encourage social media users to participate by offering a gift that can be your product, coupon, ticket, etc.

10. Work with social influencers

Influencers generally have many followers. So, if you work with influencers, your products will immediately spread to the influencer’s followers. Therefore, make sure you choose the right influencers who have your target customers in their followers. If you don’t pay attention to this, your sales conversions will be low, and your promotion costs will be lost.


Social media marketing strategies will continue to change, and new trends may emerge every year that require businesses to update their strategies. Hence, if you want to get maximum results in driving more sales, you can use the ways above to maximize your social media marketing strategy to put your business ahead of the competition.

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