Highest paying Google AdSense CPC keywords 2023

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If you are a publisher, chances are that you have used or are still using AdSense to display ads on your site. At one point or another you have thought of how to increase your earnings through more clicks. This happens if you have a good CTR, the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view an ad. You might have noticed that AdSense shows ads according to keywords in a post. CPC (Cost Per Click) is related to these keywords.

The reason that some clicks pay more than others, is the value of the keyword(s) used in a post. If you have high paying keywords in your post you will get high PPC (Pay Per Click). It’s important to note that having lots of traffic does not necessarily translate to more money, what you need more is traffic that engages with the ads displayed on your site. And above all, write content with high paying keywords, because ultimately Google AdSense pays according to topics.

What is Cost Per Click (CPC)?

Also known as pay-per-click (PPC), CPC is used by advertisers to bid for the amount to pay for a click on an advert. It’s used by advertisers to set daily and lifetime budgets, when the budget is hit, the ad is removed from the rotation for the remainder of the billing period. CPC, thus implies to the amount the website publisher will receive when a paid ad on the site is clicked.

Advertisers bid how much they are willing to pay for each click on Google Ads (AdWords), Google then uses complex algorithms to match publishers and advertisers. The websites with the largest number of unique visitors and that incorporate the most valuable keywords receive the highest CPC. The bidding and auction of ads is a continuous dynamic process, so CPC changes constantly.

What is High Paying Keyword?

A high paying keyword is that keyword that has high CPC that advertisers are bidding for. The companies behind these ads are big companies that have high customer value and can spend thousands of dollars just to acquire a customer. Having these high valued keywords will translate to more PPC income for you.

Which AdSense ads that pay the most?

AdSense allows you to select the ad type you want to display on your site. You can choose between text & display, matched content, in-feed and in-article ads. The native in-article ads tend to have higher CRT. These ads are contextual and blend in a natural way with your content, they also display midway the post, thus receiving high amounts of clicks. Yet again you can use AdSense Auto Ads, as they can best place themselves in the right places on your site.

Auto ads employ machine learning technology to understand where within your site, ads perform best and place themselves there. With auto ads, the downside is that you won’t have much control on where and how many ads are paced. Leave “Automatically get new formats” selected if you want AdSense to automatically add new ad formats to your global settings as they become available under Auto Ads.

How to find high paying AdSense keywords

To increase your earnings, you need to go hunting for the high paying targeted keywords that will also drive more traffic to your site. The top paying keywords may not fall or related to your niche, so you need to filter out those that match with your scope area. SEMrush, is the most amazing tool that can help you find the targeted and profitable keywords to bank on. To check the high paying keywords in a given industry or related keywords, follow these steps.

  1. Go to SEMrush.
  2. Create an account. The free version will give you access to only top 10 results.
  3. Click on “Keyword Analytics”.
  4. Then go to “Phrase Match” (or Related Keywords).
  5. Type the keyword(s) that you want check.
  6. You can then sort by cost-per-click.

Alternatively, you can analyze the keywords that drive traffic to a certain website. To get started you, enter your domain on the search bar below and click the search icon. To get the high CPC keywords, go to “Top Organic Keywords” then click on “See Full Report” you can sort by CPC to rank them by worth. You will find that most of the keywords are long tail keywords. Take note of those keywords and curate the content of your website to targeting them.

How to check the keywords CPC for your website

If you want to know which keywords Google ranks you for, you can use Search Console to get a full list.

  1. Install the Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension.
  2. Go to Performance under Search Console.
  3. Choose your website from the top left corner.
  4. You can filter by any page you want to check the keywords.
  5. With the Keywords Everywhere Extension, you can see 3 more columns i.e. Monthly Volume, CPC and Competition.
  6. To sort, you can copy the list to an excel sheet and do the trick there.

Highest paying industry keywords

Companies that pay the most for ads, fall under particular industries. These industries generate high revenues and profits, thus paying lots of more to get more business.

2.Gas / Electricity$54.62

Highest paying AdSense keywords by niche

When you narrow down keywords to particular niches, you find that there those keywords that are most valuable, high rewarding and most searched. These keywords attract high CPCs bids. Here are some niches, with their highest paying keywords.

a. Lawyer

1.car accident lawyer moreno valley$584.44
2.ft lauderdale car accident lawyer$566.17
3.auto accident lawyers in chicago$542.95
4.car accident lawyer ny$508.62
5.car accident lawyer in phoenix$504.53
6.california motorcycle accident lawyer$475.78
7.car accident lawyer augusta$463.71
8.car accident lawyer in fort lauderdale$462.97
9.personal injury lawyer ft lauderdale$429.36
10.dallas truck accident lawyer$426

b. Attorney

1.personal injury attorney cape coral fl$573.71
2.accident attorney rancho cucamonga$548.48
3.mesothelioma attorney houston$545.84
4.truck accident attorney san antonio$432.95
5.motorcycle accident attorney orange county$404.05
6.auto accident attorney colorado springs$396.78
7.accident attorney riverside ca$390.88
8.mesothelioma attorney california$390.08
9.phoenix accident attorneys$358.08
10.louisville accident attorney$345.62

c. Insurance

1.compare car insurance$469.12
2.auto insurance troy mi$420.29
3.car insurance comparison quote$342.54
4.cars with cheapest insurance rates$316.47
5.best learner driver insurance$300.26
6.insurance quotes young drivers$299.63
7.automobile club inter-insurance$299.49
8.car insurance personal injury$298.54
9.auto insurance conroe tx$298.08
10.auto insurance philadelphia pa$293.14

d. Doctor

1.can you sue a doctor for wrong diagnosis$250.96
2.doctorate in security$189.19
3.doctor after car accident$136.95
4.doctors car insurance$128.46
5.car accident doctor atlanta$122.42
6.rehab doctors$118.49
7.business doctoral programs online$118.19
8.best doctoral programs in education$114.31
9.top online doctoral programs in business$112.46
10.educational leadership doctoral programs online$108.97

e. Digital Marketing/SEO

1.seo explanation$108.42
2.digital marketing degree florida$100.48
3.online courses on digital marketing$92.38
4.digital marketing certificate programs online$87.56
5.digital marketing course review$85.6
6.internet marketing classes online$83.93
7.courses on online marketing$83.63
8.online marketing education$80.56
9.email marketing wikipedia$76.14
10.digital marketing degree course$72.71

f. Fitness

1.fitness showrooms stamford ct$138.6
2.ea fitness$84.16
3.fitness barre cranberry$72.41
4.fitness center software$67.1
5.fitness gym software$63.03
6.apogee fitness$60.03
7.fit online classes$59.65
8.rpac group fitness classes$57.8
9.fitness management software$52.73

g. Bitcoin

1.bitcoin merchant account$64.32
2.bitcoin merchant services$33.24
3.bitcoin mining cloud computing$32.65
4.buy bitcoin australia$21.47
5.buy stocks with bitcoin$21.08
6.software mining bitcoin$18.19
7.bitcoin mining gpu$18.19
8.buy stock with bitcoin$17.59
9.bitcoin stock chart$16.24
10.how to invest in bitcoin stock$16.16

Mesothelioma keywords

If you are into the medical field, there is a particular topic “Mesothelioma” whose keywords pay extremely high when compared to other keywords on the internet. Mesothelioma is an aggressive, malignant cancer caused when inhaled asbestos fibers lodge in the lining of the lungs, abdomen or heart. Some of the highest paying keywords under the mesothelioma topic are listed below.

1.compensation mesothelioma$568.67
2.mesothelioma attorney houston$545.84
3.mesothelioma attorney california$390.08
4.mesothelioma compensation$326.85
5.pleural mesothelioma stages$318.44
6.mesothelioma lawyer directory$290.34
7.mesothelioma lawsuit settlements$276.44
8.statute of limitations on mesothelioma claims$274.07
9.lawyers for mesothelioma$265.92
10.mesothelioma settlement fund$257.12

Countries that pay more

There are countries you should target if you want to earn more on AdSense. Depending on the country you want to target, you can change the language of your site or write topics that are relevant to that country.

RankCountryAvg. CPCMax. CPCAvg. CTRAvg. RPM
1.United States$0.40 – $2.3>$502% – 3%$2.04
2.Canada$0.50 – $2>$302%$1.83
3.United Kingdom$0.10 – $1.6>$191% – 2%$1.37
4.Germany$0.40 – $1>$111% – 3%$2.62
5.Thailand$0.30 – $1$62%$1.6
6.United Arab Emirates$0.15 – $3.1$114%$2.07
7.Japan$0.20 – $0.85$43%$2.44
8.Switzerland$0.20 – $1$63%$2.35
9.Italy$0.10 – $0.50$31% – 3%$0.73
10.China$0.10 – $0.30$41% – 2%$0.9

Increasing AdSense revenue by blocking low CPC ads

There are those categories of ads that pay more, while others pay way less. AdSense gives you the freedom to choose which Ad Categories you want to display on your site. Use Ad Performance on AdSense, to raise the CPC, RPM or CPM of your ads.

  1. Go to AdSense.
  2. Click on “Allow and Block Ads”.
  3. Then click on “General Categories”.
  4. Sort by % Earnings in ascending order.
  5. You can look for those ads that get a good amount of impressions but low earnings.
  6. You can block low paying ads and leave those that pay well, but don’t block too many of them as the bid competition may reduce thus driving your revenue down.
  7. You can also block those ad networks that are not paying well.
  8. You run an Experiment under the Optimization tab and see the effect of the block.

Top 100 overall high paying keywords

Here are the top 100 highest paying keywords ranked by their CPC.

1.mesothelioma survival rates$1,006.56
2.structured settlement annuity companies$866.35
3.mesothelioma attorneys california$844.74
4.structured settlements annuities$834.68
5.structured settlement buyer$811.81
6.mesothelioma suit$806.76
7.mesothelioma claim$802.09
8.small business administration sba$762.46
9.structured settlement purchasers$745.99
10.wisconsin mesothelioma attorney$708.8
11.houston tx auto insurance$692.86
13.mesothelioma lawyer virginia$676.32
14.seattle mesothelioma lawyer$646.83
15.selling my structured settlement$641.53
16.mesothelioma attorney illinois$616.49
17.selling annuity$595.37
18.mesothelioma trial attorney$581.43
19.injury lawyer houston tx$581.19
20.baltimore mesothelioma attorneys$580.4
21.mesothelioma care$578.62
22.mesothelioma lawyer texas$568.38
23.structered settlement$545.43
24.houston motorcycle accident lawyer$544.09
25.p0135 honda civic 2004$543.74
26.structured settlement investments$541.97
27.mesothelioma lawyer dallas$536.84
29.structured settlemen$532.2
30.houston mesothelioma attorney$530.1
31.structured settlement sell$528.57
32.new york mesothelioma law firm$527.46
33.cash out structured settlement$520.22
34.mesothelioma lawyer chicago$491.75
35.lawsuit mesothelioma$487.18
36.truck accident attorney los angeles$484.9
37.asbestos exposure lawyers$483.03
38.mesothelioma cases$482.07
39.emergency response plan ppt$477.23
41.structured settlement quote$466.35
42.semi truck accident lawyers$465.91
43.auto accident attorney Torrance$464.86
44.mesothelioma lawyer asbestos cancer lawsuit$464.03
45.mesothelioma lawyers san diego$462.16
46.asbestos mesothelioma lawsuit$460.36
47.buying structured settlements$459.79
48.mesothelioma attorney assistance$458.62
49.tennessee mesothelioma lawyer$457.44
50.earthlink business internet$457.41
51.meso lawyer$455.18
52.tucson car accident attorney$453.72
53.accident attorney orange county$451.41
54.mesothelioma litigation$444.59
55.mesothelioma settlements amounts$444.15
56.mesothelioma law firms$442.63
57.new mexico mesothelioma lawyer$440.18
58.accident attorneys orange county$439.83
59.mesothelioma lawsuit$436.53
60.personal injury accident lawyer$435.7
61.purchase structured settlements$434
62.firm law mesothelioma$432.1
63.car accident lawyers los angeles$429.57
64.mesothelioma attorneys$425.9
65.structured settlement company$425.25
66.auto accident lawyer san francisco$425.23
68.los angeles motorcycle accident lawyer$418.46
69.mesothelioma attorney florida$418.37
70.broward county dui lawyer$416.63
71.state of california car insurance$415.08
72.selling a structured settlement$410.78
73.best accident attorneys$410.72
74.accident attorney san bernardino$410.27
75.mesothelioma ct$407.37
76.hughes net business$406.19
77.california motorcycle accident lawyer$405.09
78.mesothelioma help$402.69
79.washington mesothelioma attorney$402.33
80.best mesothelioma lawyers$402.08
81.diagnosed with mesothelioma$401.77
82.motorcycle accident attorney chicago$400.17
83.structured settlement need cash now$399.73
84.mesothelioma settlement amounts$399.1
85.motorcycle accident attorney sacramento$398.68
86.alcohol rehab center in florida$396.89
87.fast cash for house$396.37
88.car accident lawyer michigan$394.85
89.maritime lawyer houston$394.57
90.mesothelioma personal injury lawyers$393.69
91.personal injury attorney ocala fl$392.1
92.business voice mail service$392.1
93.california mesothelioma attorney$389.78
94.offshore accident lawyer$389.33
95.buy structured settlements$388.82
96.philadelphia mesothelioma lawyer$388.22
97.selling structured settlement$387.17
98.workplace accident attorney$386.49
99.illinois mesothelioma lawyer$383.68
100.mesothelioma attorney$382.89
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