US presidents who served only one term 2023

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There is no dishonor in serving a single term in US’s highest office. There are quite a number of US presidents who had the job for just four years or fewer. One of the major questions about one-term presidents is whether their fates are shaped mainly by their actions and political failings, or primarily by conditions beyond their control. There are some traits one-term presidents seem to share – a bad economy, poor leadership – but it’s hard to know how much any of those factors are actually within their control.

Here are the US presidents who served only one term.

No.NamePresidential term
1.Donald Trump12016-2020
2.George H.W. Bush11989-1993
3.Jimmy Carter11977-1981
4.Gerald Ford31974-1977
5.John F. Kennedy51961-1963
6.Herbert Hoover11929-1933
7.Warren Harding41921-1923
8.William Taft11909-1913
9.Benjamin Harrison11889-1893
10.Chester A. Arthur31881-1885
11.James A. Garfield51881-1881
12.Rutherford Hayes21877-1881
13.Andrew Johnson21865-1869
14.James Buchanan21857-1861
15.Franklin Pierce21853-1857
16.Millard Fillmore31850-1853
17.Zachary Taylor41849-1850
18.James K. Polk21845-1849
19.John Tyler31841-1845
20.William Henry Harrison41841-1841
21.Martin Van Buren11837-1841


  • 1Lost re-election bid.
  • 2Didn’t stand for reelection.
  • 3Never elected president, serving just partial term.
  • 4Died in office.
  • 5Assassinated.
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