US presidents who lost their reelection bid 2023

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Throughout American history, nearly a dozen one-term presidents who ran for reelection have lost. Is four years enough time for new presidents to prove themselves to be commanders in chief worthy of being elected to a second term? Considering the complexity of the congressional legislative process, it can be hard for a president to enact real, visible changes or programs in only four years. As a result, it is easy for challengers in defeating incumbents.

Here are the US presidents who lost their reelection bid after one term in office.

No.NameFirst termElection lost
1.Donald Trump2017-20212020
2.George H.W. Bush1989-19931992
3.Jimmy Carter1977-19811980
4.Gerald Ford1974-19771976
5.Herbert Hoover1929-19331932
6.William Howard Taft1909-19131912
7.Benjamin Harrison1889-18931892
8.Grover Cleverland*1885-18891888
9.Martin Van Buren1837-18411840
10.John Quincy Adams1825-18291828
11.John Adams1797-18011800
  • *Democrat Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and 24th president of the United States, having served from 1885 to 1889, and 1893 to 1897. So, he doesn’t technically qualify as a one-term president. But, because Cleveland is the only president to serve two non-consecutive four-year terms, he holds an important place in U.S. history, having lost his initial bid for reelection in 1888 to Republican Benjamin Harrison.
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